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Societatea Romana de Gastroenterologie, Hepatologie si Nutritie Pediatrica



This PIBD masterclass is not intended for the PIBD experts in the field. Practicing gastroenterologists with interest in IBD who want to increase their clinical confidence in treating children with IBD are invited to apply.

Trainees will be accepted based on free place,  though priority will be given to ESPGHAN members. Applicants are invited to send their CV and a paragraph why they think they should be selected. The deadline for applications is 15th of September 2016.

Please send applications to office@espghan.org. More information about the masterclass will be available on the ESPGHAN website soon.

Ghidurile ESPGHAN pentru Gastroenterologie, Hepatologie si Nutritie Peditrica sunt disponibile AICI

Recomandarile Grupului Francofon GFHGNP pot fi vizualizate AICI

Syllabusul ESPGHAN pentru pregatirea in specialitatea de Gastroenterologie, Hepatologie si Nutritie Pediatrica este dispnibil pe site-ul ESPGHAN AICI


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